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Looking for a One-of-A-Kind Treasure?

Located in a small town North Dakota, Back Shed Treasures Designer Corinne Wilburn has a passion for rustic, vintage, country chic, and so much more. Her mission is to provide beauty, craftsmanship, and elegance to all items for her customers' satisfaction. Corinne offers an unique selection of rustic furniture, lighting, and home décor items which are handmade, hand crafted, and hand painted by her to achieve an unique upcycled country chic style. She ensures that she provides you with the very best & unique product possible.

Corinne’s efforts have been focused on ensuring one-of-a-kind items designed and made to suit the changing needs and style of her customers.  She provides retail and custom orders (made to the customer's specifications) however there may only be one piece available as many items are one of a kind. Depending on availability of materials an item may be replicated by special request.

Since Corinne’s products are handmade, their beauty & design is indisputable.

Celebrate your unique design and capture personal memories with Corinne’s one of a kind pieces!